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Monday, February 13, 2006

Paint Dries Slowly

Work is progressing on the two journal quilts. But somewhere in my addled brain I had forgotten that paint dries slowly. My “technique” with painting on fabric is that I work by wetting the fabric itself and cut the paint with a little water as well… wet into wet. I also tend to add a little color, let it dry and then go back in and add more color and repeat the process until the magic moment arrives and it is done.

Then there were the little distractions, like noticing the blood dripping down my hand. I knew that I had banged my hand into a sharp corner, even said ouch. It was quite disconcerting to realize that I had somehow managed to nick a bleeder. To add insult to the injury once it was bandaged up, that is when it started to hurt. Oh, and then because my other hand did not want to feel left out, there was the run in with the hot metal rack in the oven. I was attempting to use a hot pad, it slipped, I pushed, burnt hand.

Both were very minor injuries (can barely see the burn mark on my hand this morning) but it is amazing how such minor things can impede our work.

Sorry no pictures today. Thought I would spare you the gory details.

“We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are.”-- Tobias Wolff


Anonymous gcsimon said...

Well, I do hope that your injuries heal soon, so that you can finish your work. So exactly where do you get all those quotes?

11:19 PM  

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