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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The last week has been the time for wild rollercoaster rides. Normally I love a wild rollercoaster, but the one that I have been on lately I could just as well have done without. At least those wild rides move you forward at a breakneck sped. And so I have been getting some things done nonetheless.

First thing is that I have rearranged my working environment. Believe me this was NOT on my agenda, but apparently my work methods were not “working” for others. The bottom line is that if I have to sit on a dirt floor and balance my sewing machine on my knees in order to create that is exactly what I will do. Not creating is like not breathing…. Not an option.

Second, the idea that was torturing me in my last post has finally resolved itself in my mind. With the crystallization of that idea, a dozen or more ideas were born that quickly filled in several pages of my sketchbook. There were actually an idea or two that I didn’t even bother to sketch out. Nope just grabbed my materials and set to work.

This is ‘Joy”. In the midst of the upheaval and feeling like I was once again banging my head against that brick wall, I came across some scraps leftover from my 2005 September Journal quilt. That piece was an interpretation of a tortoise shell. But after it was done I realized that there was something joyful about the image. In “Joy” I wanted to accentuate that feeling.

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well hopefully you are feeling "joy" in this quilt. And not just "happy, happy, joy, joy." (As said in a sarcastic tone.) I like it and all that I have seen here. Thank you

8:15 AM  

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