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Monday, March 27, 2006

All Sewn Up

I have been sewing and working all week, and yet all I have to show you today is this tiny 4 x 6 postcard. How can that be? You know I had to ask myself that same question. The answer is sometimes there is just a lot of clean up work that has to get done for something to really be DONE! Number one on the list for last week was writing out some details on a previously completed piece, and getting it prepped to mail out. Writing is often an adventure of feast or famine for me. It either just flows off the tips of my fingers, or I end up banging my head against any available hard surface trying to dislodge the thoughts I know are there. Finally, it is a fete accompli.

Next was putting the binding on the little Noah’s Arc piece. It is a proven fact that bindings take longer than the actual construction of the piece. Don’t ask me why. Then I had some finishing to do to the Fox River piece. You know things like a label and a sleeve to hang it from. Oh, and I decided to put whiskers on the fox. Just a little bit of floss did the trick.

Then, I took a side trip. Lately, I have decided that I really like painting my own fabric. So when I got a call asking for help in locating some information about under-painting, I was intrigued. I found a site by Jonathan Janson that was very informative, and it provided the answer to a problem that I didn’t know I had! There is a piece of work that I have been carrying around in my head that exists in full living color. My challenge is to transform what is in my head into the physical reality. One more piece of the puzzle just fell into place.

The postcard is titled “Memories of Tucson”. Several years ago a friend and I took a trip to Tucson to see a quilt show and meet up with some on-line friends. While we were there we also took in the sights, a side trip to Sahuarita, the gem show, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Old Tucson Studios. So when I learned of a call for postcards for an exhibit at Tohono Chul Park I just knew I had to enter.

While I was busy painting the postcard, I also painted a bit of fabric that may end up being the background for my March Journal quilt, but I am not convinced. There is something that is not quite right with it and I am thinking that I need to start over. Good thing today is Monday.

A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind. —Albert von Szent-Gyorgvi


Anonymous gcsimon said...

Looks like a place that I would rather be at now...
very soothing and relaxing.

9:13 AM  

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