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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It’s Here!

I have been standing next to the mailbox impatiently shifting from one foot to the other waiting for the postman to deliver my new book. Now I remember what it felt like when I was a kid waiting for Santa to show up. Last evening when I came home the postman had finally delivered my package! I could hardly wait to get in the house and rip it out of the packaging. I flipped to the back of the book, quickly scanned the artist index and started flipping pages until I got to page 226. I nearly dropped the book from the shock! There it was. “On the Rocks” was there taking up the whole of page 226 almost as large as life itself!

I can’t describe the feeling. Somehow I didn’t dare believe that I was actually going to have the honor of having a piece included in this book full of the truly talented. Even when I had sent the piece off to be photographed some small part of my brain kept telling me that I was going to get a nice note saying something to the effect that they had made a mistake and they really couldn’t include my work. But there it was, in my hand-physical, tangible proof. And I kept going back to it again and again just to reassure myself that it was really there.

When I finally drift back to earth I fully intend to spend time with this book, really looking at each journal quilt that was selected and reading each and every artists statement. I hope you will feel compelled to buy the book! If you do just click on the cover and it will take you to the site where you can order your very own copy.

The next photo is not the one in the book but instead is my March 2006 Journal Quilt. This quilt has become a bit of a turning point for me. It is based loosely on my daughter and reflects the fact that every morning I was helping her to comb out and put up her hair for school.

She used to drag her mattress besides her low window and lie awake for a long while, vibrating with excitement, as a machine vibrates from speed. Life rushed in upon her through that window - or so it seemed. In reality, of course, life rushes from within, not from without. There is no work of art so big or so beautiful that is was not once all contained in some youthful body, like this one which lay on the floor in the moonlight, pulsing with ardor and anticipation. —Willa Cather


Anonymous Kit Robinson said...

I like all of your journal quilts, but I like this one the best. It conveys a young girl fixing her hair in the morning exactly. Thanks for sharing.

9:17 AM  

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